What makes my Quit Smoking program different?

In this interactive workshop I will deconstruct and take you through step by step how I apply a simple formula that helps my clients know that they are going to be smoke free and leaving them feel as if they had not smoked for years.

The Story

In the beginning of 2012 after I did my initial Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy training, I promoted Quit Smoking through a Groupon equivalent service. I was very inexperienced and I read a 4 page script for the first few hundred Quit Smoking clients. 

Even though it was not making a lot of money, it was great, I got many clients and a LOT of experience, doing hundreds of Quit Smoking sessions.

And it worked, for most clients. I was doing something I enjoyed and I was doing something that was helping others with their health.


However after some time I started getting calls, "I have started smoking again". Initially I didn't think too much about it and would suggest, "you've just chosen to be a smoker again, come in for another session".


They would and walked out again not smoking.


Good I thought. But after some years and getting calls from people who'd been to other hypnosis quit smoking programs, I saw a trend of it 'wearing off'.


I started searching for a way, how can I make this session different for my clients so it can be longterm. How can improve and make it better for my client?


In the meantime I had continued to study techniques and had stopped using scripts. I had developed my own process where I was getting into the zone with each client, making it an individual experience. It was working great and had fun getting them to start enjoying their smoke free life.


But, in the back of my mind wheels where turning, there was still something missing. It was good, but I had not yet found that secret ingredient to make it amazing.


One of the major blocks I noticed was the lack of belief in themselves that they could stay smoke free.


I put my analyst hat on, after all I had spent nearly 20 years in IT, and spent a lot of time analysing 100s of quit smoking scripts, programs and techniques, as well as many other techniques. Looking for a solution that would allow me to overcome most if not all of the clients objections to it working for them, without having to spend hours with one client.


Then a simple and easy formula started to crystalise. As I started applying and refining it. I worked out how I could reframe, future pace, anchor the client while distracting them from smoking and drawing their focus on enjoying their smoke free life, having guided the client through building a story in their mind of how their smoke free life is going to be so easy and simple to achieve. And it's done without trance.


Now I'm applying this quick and simple strategy, which only takes about 20-30 minutes. By the time we've worked through it, they know they can be smoke free, believe that it will work for them and there is so little resistance left that they easily fall into trance for the final part, eagerly embracing the idea of enjoying their smoke free life as soon as the session ends.


The most enjoyable part for me is, as they walk out and I can see in their face that they know that they are smoke free and have kicked that habit for good. They know it and they are so grateful.


When following up, I regularly I get comments, that it was exactly as I said it would be (but you see, I did not tell them) or that they actually feel like they have not smoked for years.

What's the Format?

6 Weeks

No Rush 

No Pressure

2 Weekly Zoom Calls

Delivered via a Private Facebook Group

Here's Why You Will Love This Interactive Workshop

It's Interactive

This is not a course and it's not going to be a class room.

It will be interactive. 

Participating in an idea, get's the mind to think and learn.

I invite you to help me make this an interactive experience for everyone to enjoy.

Live Interviews with leading hypnotherapists

To make this really interesting and interactive, I will be interviewing leading hypnotherapists (live where their schedule allows) about their experience with Quit Smoking.

Simple. Easy. Effective

It's a simple to use, easy to understand and effective to apply. 

This simple and easy formula has changed many lives.


$99 pay over 3 fortnights.

I've been told I should charge a lot more. But I'd rather share this valuable gem with more people.

Helping Therapists Help More People.

What's Included

  • 6 Weeks Online Interaction

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 2 Weekly Zoom Group Calls

  • Recordings

  • Weekly Exercises

  • Worksheets

  • Weekly Interviews (*From Week 2)

  • The Formula

  • AUD99*/USD69 pay over 3 fortnights


    Pay in full upfront and get a one on one strategy call

    to help you integrate the Strategy in your practice.




    2 x 1 hour Zoom Calls a week

    Commencing Monday 3rd August 2020 

    Mondays 10am AEST

    Fridays 10am AEST

    After you register you will see a link on the Thank You page for the private 

    Facebook group. Please remember to join the group as all invites to the calls 

    are provided in the Facebook group. 

    What have Clients said?

    “Gave up straight away and have not smoked since first session. Feeling a lot better health wise.



    “This time I feel like I'm a non smoker and have not been smoking for years. Last time I quit I like a smoker that wasn't smoking. I feel so different this time. 

    (180 days after session)



    “So far so good. No relapse into the smokes. Going strong still.

    (180 days after session)

    C Etherton